A new generation of patient support programs

Prescription of specialty drugs is growing steadily in Québec. This is good news for patients who will be the first to benefit; however, this trend will also generate increased pressure on our health system, both economically and in terms of the availability of health resources allocated to administer these programs, support patients and ensure the best continuity of care.

This is where Accessa, as a manager of non-traditional patient support programs, comes in to change the game.

As community pharmacists take on an increasingly important clinical role, they can also provide more comprehensive care for their patients through their involvement in Accessa’s patient support programs. These programs, available to patients undergoing specialty drug therapy, can now take advantage of the unique benefits of the expanded community pharmacist network through Accessa.

As trusted professionals, available and accessible on the front line, Québec’s pharmacists have everything it takes to play a successful role in the medical revolution brought about by specialty drugs.