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An initiative of the Quebec
owner pharmacists Association

Who we are

Accessa is a new generation of patient support program manager relying on smart and unique infrastructure, highly trained community pharmacists, reliable data collection, and a wide-ranging network to serve people with complex health issues. We operate in total legal compliance and transparency.

 We’re always accessible, always close by.

Close enough to understand issues. To address questions and concerns. To look up, and follow up.
To entrust with people’s health and well-being.

Close enough to patients, pharmacists, physicians and pharmaceutical companies to act as a hub – bridging the gaps to ensure all facets of specialized care come together as intended.


Being close
is the best medicine


Close to Patients

We provide patients with easy access to the pharmacist of their choice – a trained medication expert that they know and trust to provide information, guidance and care, to monitor any potential issue and to provide a first-rate treatment experience.


Close to Pharmacists

Our smart and reliable infrastructure offers us a direct connection to a wide-ranging network of highly trained and skilled pharmacists to provide follow-up care to patients suffering from complex illnesses. This allows us to collect and process more, higher-quality data in compatible formats, to ensure the patient’s well-being and optimal care.


Close to Physicians

Our program leverages the unique relationship between pharmacist and physician – two healthcare professionals who know the treatment and issues involved, and who can work together to ensure patient safety and adherence.


Close to Pharmaceutical Companies

By acting as a hub at the core of the patient care journey, we are uniquely positioned to provide pharmaceuticals with transparent program management, reliable data analysis, customized reporting and business intelligence, in total legal compliance.

The story behind the creation of Accessa

See how Accessa, a manager of a new generation of patient support programs, will change the landscape for thousands of patients with serious or rare diseases requiring specialty drugs by leveraging proximity and access.

The story behind the creation of Accessa

How it works

The Accessa Journey


Patient diagnosis

Patients consult with a physician and get a diagnosis, along with a prescription for specialty medication.


Program registration

  • Patients bring their prescription to the pharmacist of their choice.
  • Accessa helps patients navigate insurance coverage and arranges financial support.

Treatment Administration and Follow-up

  • Pharmacists ensure timely follow-up in accordance with program guidelines, monitor progress, and document all interventions.
  • Patients consult pharmacists directly for refills, treatments, questions, concerns, etc.
  • Pharmacists provide effective care management and respond to their patients’ concerns through, among other things, their close collaboration with physicians.

Program Monitoring

  • Patients can follow their progress directly via the Accessa portal.
  • Accessa provides centralized coordination, oversight and support for everyone involved.
  • Pharmacists are in direct contact with Accessa to provide effective treatment and capture relevant data.
  • Accessa develops customized reports thanks to its intelligent data collection system.

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